St Andrew

Apostle and martyr, brother of St Peter, patron of Scotland since the middle of the tenth century.

St Margaret of Scotland

Margaret was born in 1046 and was a member of an ancient English royal family. She was a direct descendant of King Alfred and was the granddaughter of King Edmund Ironside of England through his son Edward. Patroness of Scotland, alongside St Andrew.

St John Ogilvie, (1579 – 10 March 1615).

As a martyr of the Counter-Reformation he was beatified in 1929 and canonised in 1976. He is the only post-Reformation saint from Scotland.

St John Duns Scotus – (c. 1265 – November 8, 1308)

Was one of the more important theologians and philosophers of the High Middle Ages. He developed a complex argument for the existence of God, and argued for the Immaculate Conception of Mary.

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