Catholic Faith

This section provides information on the Catholic Faith including statistics for the UK, explanations of Catholic terms and protocol and an FAQ.

Our Faith

Basic information about the Pope, the Catholic Church and the teachings of Christ

Faith Stories

The theme of the Papal Visit is ‘heart speaks unto heart’. These words remind us of the truth that God is close and constantly stands at the door of our hearts wanting to hear about our joys, interests and concerns.

Theme Shapes Home Mission

Papal Visit Theme Shapes Home Mission. Article written for The Universe, by Clare Ward, Home Mission Advisor, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

Some key statistics

In this factpack, you will find details of key statistics for the Catholic Church in England, Scotland and Wales. The stats include general information on the face of the Cathoic Church in the three countries - such as the number of Mass attendees, churches and clergy - and also sections on education, growth and international development.

History of the Catholic Church in England (16th – 19th Century)
Catholicism and the Kings and Queens of Great Britain (16th – 19th Century)

A brief written history of Catholicism and the Kings and Queens of Great Britain, 16th - 19th Century.

FAQ on Faith